Breaking News! A New Bike

It’s been a busy weekend.  J’s son came for a visit and the plan was to attend the Vancouver Motorcycle Show and hang out for the weekend (We also ended up going to a hockey game with friends.  Check out the photo in the Twitter feed on the left).  The last thing I really expected to be doing was signing papers to purchase A NEW BIKE!  But I did!  And it’s all mine!

The new ride is a 2013 Harley Davidson Street Bob, red with metal flake, it was a trade it at J’s shop.  It had 1300 kms on it.  I had my heart set on Wide Glide but it was too good a deal to pass up.  But the beauty of it is the Street Bob is a Dyna.  So it can become a Wide Glide.  The plan for this 96 cui beauty is to change the standard to forward controls and add the Wide Glide front end.  This hybrid will have a wider front tire than a standard wide glide.  Stay tuned for the transformation.