I’ve Got Sunshine, On a Cloudy Day or The Weather Sucks!

I try not to complain about the weather.  I mean, if I started out every rainy day post with “The weather sucks!”, it wouldn’t make for very interesting reading.  Especially after the last few springs we have had here on the West Coast.  Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather have rain than snow.  Coming from the North, when spring doesn’t really start until May, being able to ride in February and March is a real treat.  But I have to say, the weather sucks!

We have managed to get out for a few rides here and there.  A few weeks ago we dropped by our friend Geoff’s place in Whistler (We have ridden through Whistler a fair bit in the past.  Check out past posts here and here.) and this past weekend rode out to Harrison Lake to see about some hot springs.  But to tell you the truth, I haven’t really been inspired to write about them.  Grey-sky blues I guess.  I was so uninspired I missed posting last week.  Something I have felt guilty about ever since.  It’s kind of like taking a sick day when you are not really sick.  Not that I’ve done that.

I guess I just need some two-wheeled therapy.  I just so happens, J and I are escaping on our motos this next week.  We have been planning this trip for months and hoping the weather would shape up.  I have been obsessively checking the long range forecast for days now and it looks like we are in luck.  So we will be packing the saddle bags, enough for eight days, and off we will go.  Maybe I will do a post on saddle bag packing.  Tips and tricks?  What do you think?  Any suggestions for efficient packing for short or long trips?  Drop me a line or leave a comment below.  For now I will leave you with an email I received on a post about the lack of cheap or free motorcycle parking in downtown Vancouver.

There is paid MC parking under the Royal Centre/Hyatt Hotel.  Entry is off either Burrard at Georgia (Hyatt entry) or off of Melville (short street) right beside and south of Burrard Station.  Parking is $5.50 a day and they have made a specially dedicated parking area for motorcycles only and security there is always evident.   Best place in my estimation when parking downtown. – Wayne

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