The Jesse Pratt Memorial Ride 2012

The sky was heavy and overcast but as we moved farther up the valley the clouds thinned out and we rode the rest of the day under clear blue sky.  This past Sunday, May 27 was the annual Jesse Pratt Memorial Ride.  Five years ago Jesse was killed in a motorcycle accident while he and Dad were riding up to Hells Gate.  Every year on the anniversary of his death, his family organizes a ride in his honor and every year, Jesse’s ashes make the ride on the back of his Dad’s bike.

Neither J or I had the privilege of meeting him but by all accounts Jesse was a great kid.  He loved motorcycles, life and his family and friends.  Just by reading his tributes on his family’s Facebook page it is clear that he had great strength of character and a big heart.  It is also clear that he was taken from this earth much too soon.

“One of my favorite things about Jesse is that he would give anyone a chance, he would play with kids half his age to put a smile on their face or try to brighten someones day if they seemed down, even complete strangers.” – Angela Pratt

“His enthusiasm towards anything and everything, that and his true selflessness.” – Aaron Hiemstra

“His laugh. It didn’t matter what the moment was, as soon as he laughed you couldn’t help but smile and be happy.” – Kayla Daum

“That smile…”- John Stewart

“One of the few human beings I have ever met, where you knew you had his full attention when you spoke to him. He’d stop what he was doing, and genuinely listened and cared. He had a good soul, and a kind heart. One in a million.” – Braydon Sutton

“One day we were just hangin playin xbox and Jesse was talking about his heroes and he said his #2 hero was the brown guy(sorry fans don’t remember his name) from Sum41 and I asked who his #1 hero was and he said well you are dad.  I don’t think I have ever been prouder to be a father.  He was and still is so awsum. I LOVE YOU SON.” – Grant Pratt

So today J and I set out with our friend Grant, Jesse’s Dad, to honor his memory.  This year our destination was Spence’s Bridge.  We enjoyed the sun and the graceful winding curves of the Fraser Canyon as we made our way to the tiny town of Spence’s Bridge.  We stopped for lunch at the Log Cabin Pub, and that’s when we noticed it.  The chrome top inscribed with “Soar High Noble Eagle” that held some of Jesse’s keepsakes vibrated loose of its fittings and was lost somewhere on Highway 1 between Hope and Spence’s Bridge.   On the return trip we scanned the sides of the road to see if we could find it, but to no avail.  So I write this with the hope that by some slim chance, it might be found and returned to his family.  If you live in the BC Lower Mainland or know people who pass through the Spence’s Bridge/Hope area often, please pass this on.  If found contact me at and I will make sure it gets back to his family.  Thank You.

In loving memory Jesse Erland Mitchell Pratt August 12, 1989 – May 27, 2008

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