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Back in Business

Im back!  After months of technical difficulty, Mostly by Motorcycle is back.  Many, Many thanks to my friend Dean who has spent hours trying to unravel the mystery that was my hosting server.

We have been so busy, there hasn’t been time for many road trips yet.  Therefore not many pictures to show off but some pretty exciting things are coming down the road for us.  Stay tuned for more soon.  In the mean time I hope you enjoy a little collection of photos from my archives.

Winter Wonderland

I took some pictures out at John’s parent’s farm yesterday.  The weather and conditions have been like this for almost a week.  I think this is the best part of winter (I am being optimistic since we both hate winter), as long as I can view it from the comfort of my nice warm house.

So I with the coming year and the year that has just past it is customary to recap the years events. So here it is.
  • January – We went to Vancouver so John could have laser surgery on his eyes.  Now he doesn’t need glasses for the first time in his life. We also went to the big Bike Show in Abbotsford and my friend and I went to see The Tragically Hip in Prince George.
  • February – Went to see the Barenaked Ladies in PG then went to Vancouver again although I can’t remember why!
  • March – Vancouver again for a paintball tournament.
  • April – John went to Edmonton for a paintball tournament and I spent the last two weeks visiting my friend Pam in Inverness and doing the worlds fasted tour of the Highlands and Islands.
  • May – Three days after returning from Scotland I went back to work at Fort St. James. At this point everything becomes a blur because it all happens so fast. But I worked on a couple of important projects at the historic site like reopening the Milk House to the public for the first time in 30 years, and revamping the interior of the Officers House to better reflect who lived there. I got to do all the research and furnishing ect. It was very exiting for me.
  • June – Pam came for a visit from Scotland and I finally got my Nighthawk on the road so I could ride back and forth to work, just in time for the crappy weather to begin.
  • July – John and I went on a bike trip to Maple Ridge to see Lisa & Jill & Fred and Vero & Curtis.  Then we went over to Victoria and down to John’s Grandma’s in Washington for my birthday.  We spent a lot of time riding including a stint in 42 degree heat with a full face helmet.  This is the trip I decided that I needed a more comfortable bike and a smaller helmet.
  • August – John went fishing with his family and I went to Vancouver (again) to see my brother, Matt and his girlfriend, Belinda who came from Taiwan for a visit.
  • September– Didn’t go to Vancouver, had planned to go on the Toy Ride in PG but it snowed.
  • October – The 1st was my last day for the season at Fort St. James.  Then later on in the month we went to Williams Lake to pick up my new bike.  Baby Victor was born to proud parents Vero and Curtis in Maple Ridge.
  • November – The 14th was John’s birthday. I went to a scrapbooking retreat at a spa and didn’t do any scrapbooking. We went to Vancouver yet again for John’s paintball tornament and to visit Lisa (for her birthday) & Jill & Fred and of course baby Victor and his Mom and Dad. While we were in Vancouver, Isabella Rose was born to her proud parents Pam and Tanelli in Finland.
  • December – December is of course Christmas and all that chaos but I think we managed to survive it……we will keep you posted.


Some of the things we have planned for this year is the West Coast Trail, the afformentioned bike trip down the Baja, a trip to Oregon on the bikes for fireworks and my birthday and all sorts of other things that will just sneek up on us……Cheers!

Highland Adventure


Boat in Ullapool harbour
Boat in Ullapool harbour
In April I went to Scotland to visit my dear friend Pam. We had quite an adventure, it rained alot, which I expected but wished the weather had been a little nicer to us. It is such a beautiful country and we went to some pretty out of the way places. It has taken me until now to get them all sorted out so I can show them off.