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Breaking News! A New Bike

It’s been a busy weekend.  J’s son came for a visit and the plan was to attend the Vancouver Motorcycle Show and hang out for the weekend (We also ended up going to a hockey game with friends.  Check out the photo in the Twitter feed on the left).  The last thing I really expected to be doing was signing papers to purchase A NEW BIKE!  But I did!  And it’s all mine!


The new ride is a 2013 Harley Davidson Street Bob, red with metal flake, it was a trade it at J’s shop.  It had 1300 kms on it.  I had my heart set on Wide Glide but it was too good a deal to pass up.  But the beauty of it is the Street Bob is a Dyna.  So it can become a Wide Glide.  The plan for this 96 cui beauty is to change the standard to forward controls and add the Wide Glide front end.  This hybrid will have a wider front tire than a standard wide glide.  Stay tuned for the transformation.

Sorry ‘Bout That and Other Musings

Boats at Sunset

Well, as the title says, Sorry ’bout that.  It’s been a while since I posted anything.  But the weather here has finally gotten nicer, the insurance is on the bikes and we are off on our little adventures.  We probably won’t be going very far this season as I am going to Spain in September and I am saving every penny for that trip.  J won’t be going with me.  I wish he was but I am going to walk the Camino de Santiago (more on that later) and J says “Man invented internal combustion so he didn’t have to walk!”.

This week we have just taken a short trip.  One of our favorite shorts is to White Rock.  Usually for ice cream.  I forget the name of the place but they make all their own gelato and it’s fantastic.  I will post the name and/or some pics the next time we are out that way.

The other day I was riding out to Chilliwack from Fort Langley and I noticed a bit more of a vibration in the front end then usual.  When I stopped at a light I notices that my fork seal had finally gone.  After almost 100,000 Kms it’s not much of a surprise.  It’s not dangerous to continue riding while I am waiting for the parts to arrive, it just makes my hand fall asleep.

So, goals for the blog for this year:

  1. A once a month featured photo or group of photos.  Since we are staying closer to home and have written about most of the trips we have taken that are in the immediate area (mind you there still are always ones we haven’t found yet), I want to focus on the pics.  This area is so beautiful.  Why not show it off.
  2. I hope to get John to write a “Tech Corner”(working title only)  post once a month, maybe starting with my fork seal replacement.  He is a Harley Davidson tech, so of course he recommends taking your Harley to a certified Harley Tech for maintenance but my bike is a little past the warranty date (and it’s not a Harley.)  If there is anything you would like to see covered, leave a comment below.
  3. A monthly not-by-motorcycle post…that one might be a hard one…until maybe, September….(like I said, stay tuned for more info on that one).
  4. and instead of writing about every single trip, a “Ride of the Month” post.
  5. Of course if by some twist of fate we win the lottery and take the most epic of rides, I promise, the format situation goes out the window.

A New Addition to the website this year is our Galleries page.  We take so many pictures on our trips that most of them don’t even make it to the website.  So this is where we can post our favorites or Galleries for specific trips.  I have also added a few Galleries of our adventures the past few years.  Hope you enjoy them.

What do you think?  Please leave your comments below.

Okay then.  We’re off.

As always, keep the shiny side up.