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Bike Show 2010


Sparkly pink Street Bob
Sparkly pink Street Bob

It’s January!  Abbotsford Bike Show season.  All of the major bike producing companies were there.  We sat on a few bikes but the one that I love the most was not a Harley or a Yamaha (my current bike) it was a Royal Enfield.

These bikes were first produced in England then after the war they were produced in India and now they are retaining the original designs and producing them for the North American market.  I thought they were pretty cool and I would love to own one.  I think that it would be too small for the kind of trips we are planning though.  I just hope my Dad will buy one, so I can take it for a ride.   I love the vintage style and the helmets & goggles look pretty good too.  I think I might just have to purchase a set to use with my own bike.

I went to my first bike show a few years ago, just after I acquired my bike license.  But sadly there was a serious lack of gear and bikes that were specifically for women.  But this year Harley has realized that women motorcycle enthusiasts are rapidly becoming a huge part of the bike buying public so they had a couple of really girly bikes there. “The Road Queen” and a Dyna with a sparkly pink paint-job.  While I think the pink bikes are cool they are not really my style.  But it is nice to know that motorcycle manufacturers are taking notice that girls like bikes too!