Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes

Where do you go when you need to have new soles put on your boots or some snaps replaced on your leathers?

A couple of weeks ago, I was on a mission.  I had worn the softer rubber sole off my beloved riding boots.  I tend to drag my right foot as I come to a stop.  Not heavily.  Its less like “dragging” and more like “skimming” but with just enough contact with the ground to wear off the tread.  So I dropped them off at Vic’s Boot and Shoe Repair (33779 South Fraser Way) in Abbotsford.  Vic doesn’t have a website and you get the impression when you walk into the shop that it has been there for a thousand years but he came very highly recommended.  Inside the shop, I wasn’t very specific about what kind of new sole I wanted on my trusty old boots.  I really wasn’t sure what to ask for.  So I just told Vic’s wife (and I’m wing’in it here folks, I’m not even sure if “Vic” still owns the shop) what I used them for and hoped that would be enough.  She assured me Vic would know what to do.

They were ready in a week but it was raining so I forgot all about them.  That is until the next Sunday rolled around and I had to go on the Mountainview Harley-Davidson Demo Ride with my hiking boots.  Not cool when surrounded by bikers in head to toe leather.  I missed my boots.  They are perfect for riding.  They were actually ment for riding horses, thus the soft rubber sole, but they are sturdy leather with rhinestones, for a bit of bling and have a reinforced toe that hasn’t worn out with numerous shift changes.   They have kept my feet warm and safe for over 58,000 kms and I had to go and pick them up before I went on another ride.

J & I pulled up in front of the shop and with a little apprehension I got off my bike.  What if they had screwed up my favorite boots?  What would I do then?  I opened the door and there was “Vic”.  “I came to pick up the sparkly motorcycle boots I called you about this morning”.  “Ah yes, you will like these much better” and with that presented me with my beloved boots.  “I replace the foam (the stuff between the leather boot and the actual sole) and gave you a harder bottom.”  I picked one up to examine it and saw that the “harder sole” was a heavy Vibram one.  You know the ones with the diamond pattern on them?  He did indeed know exactly what to do.  The work was well done and there was even put a new coat of polish on them.  Perfect!  Now for the bill.  Being that I had never had anything re-soled before I didn’t really know what it would cost.  I was half expecting it to be really expensive but I was, again, pleasantly surprised: C$44.00.  Basically I got a brand new pair of boots (that are already broken in and fit me perfectly, I might add) for $44 bucks.  Not bad really.

Vic also does other types of leather repair as well.


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  1. Had my boots done there 2 years ago with the same great results. Dropped by there today to get him to fix the zipper on the kids tent he gladly did it and charged me $5 and I was happy to pay the man.

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